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Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter 1.26

Reads texts and documents out loud
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Have your DOC, PDF, TXT, RFT or HTML texts read out loud and save the result as WAV or MP3. The tool uses the SAPI5 synthetic voices embedded in the Windows operating system.

Text to Speech Converter is a small tool that uses any SAPI5 synthetic voice installed in your system to read aloud any DOC, RTF, PDF, HTML, and TXT document, or any text copied and pasted into the program’s interface. Besides, the generated audio can be saved in either MP3 or WAV files, thus allowing you to create your own audio books and store them for later use.

The program is as simple as it can be – you can either open any supported text document stored in your system or copy and paste any amount of text into the window provided, and start listening to it right away. The portion of the text being read aloud will be highlighted in a synchronized way, thus helping the visually impaired people with residual sight and persons with dyslexia to make the most of their reading experience. As the audio produced while using the read-aloud function is not stored anywhere, if you want to create audio files to be enjoyed later or to be transferred to your favorite portable device, you will need to use the “Save Speech” feature. Here you can choose between MP3 and WAV as the output of your audio files, as well as their maximum length.

Text to Speech Converter will automatically detect the SAPI5-compatible synthetic voices already installed in your computer, though you are also given the opportunity of downloading extra voices by purchasing licenses from Cepstral’s web site.

One last feature available in this program and which is usually overlooked in other similar tools is the variable speed control. Text to Speech Converter includes a practical slider that allows you to speed up and down any of the available voices without a significant loss of the audio quality.

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